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This is an almost complete discography. There are one or two bootlegs out there, which is not listed
here due to lack of information. If someone can find additional records, that should be part of this
list, please feel free to notify us. Our intention is to have it complete.
Click on the table headers to sort the list according to your wishes.

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  One hundred PROCD100 3CD Compilation 2020 Progress Productions  
  You Are Svartpunkt1 CD Compilation 2020 Progress Productions  
  The Human Legacy CWSSPOT Spotify CWCDS 2019 Progress Productions  
  10 Years anniversary compilation PROCD052 CD Compilation 2014 Progress Productions  
  Friends Are Electric Vol.1 - Home RNR2012 Itunes Compilation 2013 Lander Music  
  Dögrävardisko DDR001 Cassette CWTAPE 2012 Dödsdans Rekords  
  Spotlight PROEPDD011 DD CWCDS 2011 Progress Productions  
  Get Electrofied! MEMO100 2CD Compilation 2006 Memento Materia  
  Tonight EP PROEP001 MCD Remix 2006 Progress Productions  
  Cats and travel v_o_g005 MCD Remix 2006 Vapen & Godis  
  State of synthpop 2005 ADDCD1233 6CD Compilation 2005 A Different Drum  
  Project-X Modus Operandi ERCD156L 2CD Remix 2003 Energy Rekords  
  October and Energy Rekords showcase VEP4 CD Compilation 2003 Energy Rekords  
  Freedom of choice OCT058 CD CWCD 2003 October/Energy  
  Project-X closing down the systems ERCD148 CD Remix 2002 Energy Rekords  
  Vaws Vol. 1 VAWS208 CD Compilation 2000 Vaws  
  Strange Love Volume Two ZS61610-2 CD Compilation 2000 Zoomshot  
  Cybershadow [time.for.change] CP005 MCD Remix 2000 Cypherprodukt 5  
  Shot 99 OCT038 CD Compilation 1999 October  
  Annie, Would I lie to you OCT055 MCD Remix 1999 October  
  Electroland vol. 3. EFA61610-2 CD Compilation 1999 ZOL Rekords  
  World of Synthpop EFA61618-2 2CD Compilation 1999 Zoomshot  
  Electric Love a tribute to Depeche Mode TCM022CD CD Tribute 1998 Vision Records  
  A reflection of synthpop MW018 CD Compilation 1998 Maschinenwelt Records  
  Label Compilation -98 ERPR98 CD Compilation 1998 October/Energy  
  Headhunter 2000 g.m ERCD123 CD Remix 1998 Energy Rekords  
  Night Of Darkness CD085-61532SPV CD Compilation 1997 Synthetic Symphony  
  Neuro Style SPV125-47632 CD Compilation 1997 Neurostyle  
  Sea Of Life OCT030 CD CWCD 1997 October  
  System Volume One SYSTEM1 CD Compilation 1997 System  
  Social Conditioning FFMCD004 MCD Remix 1997 Flaming Fish  
  Barrel of the sons ERCD102 CD Tribute 1997 Energy Rekords  
  Shot version 3.1 OCT036 CD Compilation 1997 October  
  Best of European Synth-Pop CLP9953 CD Compilation 1997 Hard Rekords  
  Your World In Our Eyes BDR173 CD Tribute 1997 October  
  Walkabout OCT042 MCD CWCDS 1997 October  
  Rising! Synthpop vs. The World ADDCD1011 CD Compilation 1997 A Different Drum  
  Pop Couture SUB055 CD Compilation 1996 Subtronic Records  
  The Daydream Collection GYM5962 CD Compilation 1996 Daydream Records  
  Strange World ZOT160 CD Compilation 1996 Zoth Ommog  
  Tunes From Nangijala NAN002 CD Compilation 1996 Nangijala Records  
  Electronic Fields OCT021 CD Compilation 1996 October  
  Avalanche Breakdown OCT020L CD Remix 1996 October  
  Soundline Volume 4 SLVOL4 CD Compilation 1996 Sideline Records  
  Collective Minds OCT031 MCD CWCDS 1996 October  
  Border compilation BORPR03 CD Compilation 1995 Border music  
  Sing Lee MEMO016P MCD Remix 1995 Memento Materia  
  Gallery OCT013 MCD CWCDS 1995 October  
  Fictional a tribute to The Cure OCT009 CD Tribute 1995 October  
  October Sampler OCT023 CD Compilation 1995 October  
  The Countless Galaxies OCT005 CD CWCD 1994 October  
  Shot! OCT008 CD Compilation 1994 October/Barnsliga Skivor  
  Shot ver. 2.0 OCT012 CD Compilation 1994 October  
  Den Falske Kakaoinspektoren BIRD066CD CD Remix 1994 Birdnest Records  
  Astraia OCT007 MCD CWCDS 1994 October  
  Kobolt MEMO004 CD Compilation 1993 Memento Materia  
  Further Sounds of October OCT003 CD Compilation 1993 October  
  Sounds of October OCT002 CD Compilation 1992 October  
  Illuminative MEMO002 CD Compilation 1992 Memento Materia  
  On The Rocks HKMC9211 Cassette CWTAPE 1992 CW^3  

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